Summer 2020

Sailing North

We left the sheltered water of the Ionian and set off north to the small island of Paxos which is approximately 10 miles south of Corfu.

It was a beautiful day, hot, sunny, the sea was flat and there was just a slight breeze, unfortunately this meant that with little wind, we were not sailing very fast (or moving at all). We decided to unleash the ‘beast’.

This is our cruising chute, a big sail designed for light winds, it lives in the bottom of a locker and doesn’t get out very often. It took us a while to sort it out ready for launching, once it was up, we were sailing along, (still quite slowly) for about an hour before the wind completely disappeared and we had to take it down and put the engine on for the remainder of the journey to Paxos.

With a storm and some strong southerly winds forecast we headed up to Lakka which is the sеcond largest village оf Paxоs. It is an almost circular shaped bay on the north оf thе island which would provide us with good shelter frοm the wind.

Lakka is very scenic, situated on a hill surrounded by οlive аnd сypress trees, with spectacular views of thе crystal clear turquoise sea. There аrе two beaches – Kanoni and Hаrami – bоth with rοund white pеbbles. Tavernas, cаfеs and bаrs line the waterfront, and narrow streets with Venetian buildings lead through the village to two small squаrеs, sοuvenir shops and mоre bars and tavеrnаs, making it a popular stop for tourists. Even famous ageing rock stars visit as we bumped into The Edge and his entourage enjoying a beer and pizza in one of the bars whilst his super yacht was anchored at the entrance to the bay!

When we arrived, there was lots of boats already anchored in the bay to shelter from the forthcoming wind. We managed to find a space but because of boats being close by and more arriving throughout the day, we could only let out 25 meters of chain, it was quite shallow (5m) so this wasn’t a problem but ideally with the forecasted weather it would have been preferable to let out more chain.

We took Fred ashore, pulled her up onto the beach and took a short walk along a little coastal path to the village, after a walk around we went to one of the seafront cafes for a frappe (iced coffee) and watched yachts coming and going, battling for the few spots available on the town quay.

We stayed a couple of days and waited for the storm, it was a fantastic lightening show which was almost like a firework display. Whilst we were protected from the wind, the storm churned up a big swell and it was like spending the night in a washing machine! We had to keep watch on the anchor to make sure we didn’t drag. Luckily the anchor held us tight and the storm passed through without any problem.

Once the weather and sea state settles down, we plan to continue north to Corfu.

6 replies on “Sailing North”

Well, that has brightened my weekend up!
What an amazing sail, a real piece of art.
Must be quite gratifying to know that The Edge, with all his millions, finds the best place to be in a pandemic is a Greek island with beer and pizza. Hope he took his hat off at the table 😉
Keep the updates coming, and have a good St.Crispin’s Day.

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The bay, pre-storm, looks idyllic, and watching a lightening show over the water must be fabulous, but not sure I fancy being on the water during the storms. Glad to see you are still living the dream and even hobnobbing with rock royalty – get You Two on the boat that rocks in the night. Keep going with the updates, it’s lovely to see the sunshine

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This week we get a sense of how things are not always perfect in the sailing life. It is very unsettling to be bobbing up and down close to other boats in the dark.

Glad to hear you made it though and safe onwards travels.

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Looking for flights to Corfu now, see you there!!! 😀, the weather pre storm looks fabulous, so fed up with the rain here😩. Made the photo of your sail my phone wallpaper, it’s bright and beautiful. Thank you both for the idillic updates, perfect antidote for the autumn gloom. Stay safe xx

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