Summer 2020

Sundown Drinks

Having spent the last two months in the Ionian visiting all of our favourite places, and some that we’ve not been to before, there was still a couple that we wanted to visit one last time before heading north to Corfu.

Kastos is a small island just a few kilometres southeast of Meganissi. Measuring just 8km from north to south, and less than 1km from east to west, Kastos is less popular than some of the larger well known islands and still very unspoilt.

Kastos has a village with a harbour, the village is called ‘Kastos-village’. There is limited space in the harbour for boats, we arrived just in time to slip into the last available berth. Around the harbour there are a few traditional houses, a small shop and a couple of restaurants and cafes serving Greek food, drinks or a home made ice-cream. There are no other amenities on the island, no banks, ATM, chemist etc.

Up on the hill next to the harbour is an old windmill which has been converted into a cocktail bar. It’s great to sit here with a nice cold sundown drink, looking out to the sea whilst watching the sun disappear.

We then continued north to the small seaside town of Palaros, (or Zaverda, as it was called in the past), which is on the mainland of Greece. It lies on the Ionian coast, opposite Lefkas

Paleros is a traditional town with a long beach stretching the length of it, lined with seafront tavernas, cafes and bars making it a popular destination for Greek tourists. There is a small central square, where the locals gather and children play until late in the evening. There are tiled roof houses overlooking the clear sea in the bay which is surrounded by picturesque mountains, but the real highlight is the beautiful sunsets, we couldn’t resist one last visit.

The small harbour was full when we arrived, the weather forecast was favourable with no strong winds, so we anchored in the bay just outside.

We took Fred & Ed ashore and headed to the beach. There is a Yacht Club on the beach with sofas, loungers, bean bags and chill out music which is the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset

The mountains behind are lit up by the red sky of the sunset


A perfect way to end our stay in the southern Ionian.

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I am actually thinking of blocking your updates – they were a weekly inspiration, now it is just plain torture.
Sunset, sunglasses and cold beer – we’ll be lucky to experience that in 2022 let alone before.

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