Summer 2022

Kids On Board

After a long journey with flight delays, it was midnight by the time our daughter and granddaughters arrived, still full of energy and excitement for a week on board.

Their agenda for a fun packed holiday was to go to the beach, play in the sea, have ice creams every day and eat out at restaurants. Luckily this all seemed fairly easy to provide and the next morning they were ready to go.

We stayed at Baotić marina for a couple of days and visited the beach and swimming pool. The unicorn provided hours of entertainment.

In the evening we took the water taxi to have a walk around the old town of Trogir and of course taste some of the local cuisine.

It’s hard work having so much fun!

As they were now becoming accustomed to the boat we took a short journey across the bay. Both girls were interested to learn how to helm the boat and wanted to help with dropping the anchor.

We spent the night on anchor in Uvala Račetinovac where we had fun swimming and paddle boarding.

A thunderstorm came over the next morning with heavy rain so we had a couple of hours with indoor activities baking cakes, nail painting and teaching the kids to play Uno.

After the rain had passed we went back to the well protected bay of Vinišće as there was possibly more to follow. Although slightly scruffy, we knew that Vinišće would tick all of their boxes with its beaches and restaurants. It was quite cosy going ashore in Fred with 5 onboard along with an inflated ring and unicorn but we somehow managed it.

Who do you think this is an impression of?

The stormy weather brought a colourful sunset.

After a couple of days we moved on to our next destination. The plan was to take them to Nečujam on Šolta island where the girls would be able to snorkel over the shipwreck and Claire was interested to meet ‘Mojito Man’.

We headed off with a good sailing wind. Unfortunately, as there was some swell both girls were feeling unwell, so we turned around and went to Marina instead which is a small town just over the hill from Vinišće.

This picturesque town is dominated by a large stone quadrangle tower. The fortification was constructed in the late 15th century by the bishops of Trogir to protect the town from the Ottoman invasion and served as a summer villa for the bishop.

The tower was originally built on a small island near the coast with a drawbridge over a canal, but at the beginning of the 20th century the channel between the mainland and the tower was filled in. The structure was repaired after attack several times over the centuries and reconstructed in 1972.

This former village of fishermen and farmers, particularly olive growers has today been transformed into a smart tourist destination. We walked along the Riva to the pebble beach with clear blue water before returning to the town in the evening for some fresh fish.

It was the final day of the holiday so we returned back to Baotić marina and spent our last day on the beach, finishing the holiday with dinner in the beach restaurant.

We had a very hectic week but it was so nice to have Claire and the kids on board and we were very sad to wave them off at the end of their holiday.

Whilst in the marina, we again made the most of the facilities before moving on, so spent the morning doing laundry, cleaning, provisioning, putting the boat back together and recommissioning the water maker.

10 replies on “Kids On Board”

Sue and Paul,
You realise you are now the coolest grandparents – your grand-daughters will by now have told everyone you are pirates or that you have an oligarch style yacht with speedboat (otherwise known as Ed and Fred).
Brilliant pictures!

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This is my favourite of all your blogs! 🥰 Such lovely memories! ❤️
What an amazing time we all had, thank you so much for so much fun and a fantastic adventure the girls and I will never forget 😍 we can’t wait to be back on board soon! Xxx

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