Winter 2020/21

Back to Yellow!

Restrictions here have been lifted and bars, cafes and restaurants can re-open during the day, this was definitely noticeable at the weekend when it seemed that the whole of Sicily descended on the beach and around the marina.

Everyone seems to be making the most of the freedom while it lasts, this is some of the events that have been arranged in the marina over the past couple of weeks.

Boat jobs have taken a bit of a back seat for me, I have left Paul working on the electrics and joined the ladies walking group, it started with a 5 km walk every day along the the beach and back.

Someone had spent hours standing little stones on all of the rocks around this part of the coast.

On Fridays the ladies walk has now been upgraded to ‘Boule and bubbles’ on the beach, everyone is welcome, just bring boules, a bottle and snacks.

It gets very competitive, I think that we all improve after a couple of glasses of bubbles!

As we have been having such good weather it was a great opportunity for a get together and it seems that a barbecue on the main pontoon is a bit of a marina tradition. Everyone bought food and drink and a few people set up their barbecues. There was a bit of competitive banter between the boys of whose bbq was the best, gas or charcoal, but the food was all cooked perfectly and we had a lovely afternoon.

As the sun started to go down it was shining on the hull of the nearby boat, what else do you do but make shadows.

And then the sun set (I haven’t put a sunset picture on for a few weeks)

One of the best evenings was after I happened to mention that I had never seen the film Mamma Mia which was met with horrified gasps and a Greek party was arranged on a friends boat. It all started off quite sensibly!

We had to wear white, the Mamma Mia film was on the big screen with sing along subtitles and Greek food was served. It was great fun, everyone got involved with singing and dancing, even Paul was singing along!

All this socialising is not getting our boat jobs done, we still have a long list. The saying ‘we’ve got all winter to do that’ is now starting to feel a bit more urgent!

3 replies on “Back to Yellow!”

You are obviously having a great time, and Fridays are eagerly awaited for the latest inspiration and photos.
50 years ago it Fridays were Crackerjack, now they’re Zigzag!

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All this shows what an excellent decision you made to escape the UK when you did. Your life of sunshine, beach games, barbeques and parties on a wealthy friend’s boat is the stuff of our dreams. Barely a facemask in sight!

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You are obviously enjoying life – it all looks fab, especially the weather. Glad restrictions are being eased. A novelty to see people sitting in restaurants and I can’t wait for the day to come here. It’s getting nearer. Love the shadows on the boat and sunset picture. Your friend’s boat where you held the Mamma Mia night looks really nice. 🛥 Enjoy! Xxx 😎😎

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