Summer 2020

Hike to the Beach

We returned to Vlikho bay on the island of Lefkas as there was some strong winds forecast and wanted a good protected anchorage to sit out the storm. The winds came early evening with gusts up to 40 knots, luckily our anchor held tight. (In fact, when we left a couple of days later we struggled to get the anchor up as it was so well dug in)

After the wind had passed, we decided to have a day off from working on the boat and go ashore for a hike to the beach on the other side of the hill. We inflated ‘Fred’ the dinghy (named after Freda as she was the one who sourced the dinghy for us 15 years ago and also made the most spectacular dismount at the end of an evening ashore!!)

Time to test out ‘Ed’ our new outboard engine (named Ed because it’s an engine)

Once Ed and Fred were securely tied up we headed off towards the hills.

Looking back to the anchorage

It was not long before we came to our first dead end

No way through here

We had to turn back but eventually found a fence we could climb over. We continued on, through olive trees.

Looks inviting for a quick dip

We came to an interesting house that was built to resemble a ship, it also had a life boat attached to the side, equipped for all eventualities!

We continued over the hill.

Not far to go, looking forward to cooling down in the sea.

Made it to the beach, there is a big camping/caravan site so the beach was full, all sorts of activities going on.

The water was so clear and warm, it was almost like having a bath, we found a shady spot and spent some time on the beach and in the sea before heading to the Kantina for lunch.

Greek salad with a sea view

Time to head back to ZigZag, stocked up with plenty of water for the hot journey home.

We were happy to find that Ed and Fred were still waiting for us where we had left them and hadn’t suffered the same fate as this boat!

Short trip back to Ziggy!

Great day out, now time for a cold shower and a relaxing evening.

8 replies on “Hike to the Beach”

Had to smile when you reminded us of Mums amusing dismount from the dinghy.Looks like you are having a great time exploring the Islands and you can always rely on Fred & Ed being there for you on your return xx

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Yeah! Are weekly fix of lovely photos and tales of daring do has arrived.
It does look like a lovely day, and the sight of sun drenched lunch spots is in stark contrast to our own grey days here.
Tricky things to control those ‘Fred’ boats, and ‘Ed’ usually has a mind of his own in my experience. I am sure you are both very elegant embarking and disembarking from Fred!
Any news on the electrics upgrade? All completed now?

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The electric upgrade is paused at the moment, the next task is to install the new Inverter/Charger which will involve re-plumbing some of the current 240volt wiring, so that is getting a further dose of careful consideration before proceeding. Also it’s blooming heavy (14kg) so getting it screwed on to the wall in a small engine room is going to be a challenge.


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