Summer 2020

Rest and Relaxation

We spent a night in Lefkas Marina, walked into town and found a great bar to watch the sunset with the best piña colada.

The following day the rigging work was completed. With no further commitments, we headed down to Vlikho bay, a large, completely protected bay surrounded by mountains, about half way down the east coast of Lefkas. One of the best anchorages around, this bay is normally full of boats, we are certainly noticing a difference this year as it appears less busy in most places. We spent a few days here relaxing after our ‘hard labour’ in the boatyard, preparing ourselves for the next job on board….we have a long list!

After a few nights in the bay, we decided that it was time to move on, grey clouds were forming over the mountains so thought there might be a bit of wind once we get out of the protection of the bay, to test out the sails as we now have them all attached. Unfortunately no wind, so just had a short trip across to the island of Meganisi. We headed to Spartahori as we can moor there with access to shore power to get to work on our next project which is to install the new solar panels.

This is an Idyllic bay with crystal clear water, one taverna, a small beach and beach bar

After working inside all afternoon we decided to go for a swim before going to the taverna. However we went outside and there was a big black cloud looming, quickly followed by wind and swell, we tightened all lines and tied everything down, then came thunder and lightning and a little rain, just the edge of the storm which passed after about an hour

Whilst in the taverna later, we noticed a boat adrift heading towards the beach and taverna, my first thought was that it was our boat as it was the same make and looked identical in the dark! Fortunately we realised that it wasn’t. Paul alerted the owner of the restaurant, some diners who had arrived by dinghy with a large engine went to help, by now the boat was aground (on sand). Luckily they eventually managed to pull them off without any apparent damage.

View from our table in the taverna

This is normally a calm quiet little bay!

10 replies on “Rest and Relaxation”

Your memory is better than mine, It is a picture of scorpios island (ex home of the Onassis family) but taken from the opposite direction looking back towards Nidri, apart from that, probably not much has changed!!


What a beautiful sunset!!, it’s been very hot here, but no cooling sea breeze 🥵, or lovely mountains, not even a pina colada, very envious!!!. Good luck with the sails and solar panels xxx

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You are really trying to make us all very jealous! 😂 Looks beautiful and we can’t wait to be able to come and visit you in one of these lovely places. 😎 x

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